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Prescription Transfer Service

We can transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy, all you need to do is bring in the bottles and we will do the rest. You can also call us and provide us with the necessary information and we will transfer your prescription and have them ready when you arrive. We can also call your physician and obtain new prescriptions for your medications if there are no refills remaining. We will have your prescriptions ready for you when you need them. TylerRx Pharmacy accepts most prescription insurance plans. We will continually strive to meet your needs and expectations while helping you live a happier, healthier life.


Prescription Pickup & Delivery Service

Are you stuck at home? Are you too busy at work? Are you not feeling well? Did you see your doctor but feel too bad to stop at the pharmacy. Do you have trouble getting in and out of your car? We will be happy to come out to your car and take care of your prescription needs. Do you need us to pick up your prescription from your physicians office? We work with some local physicians and make daily visits to their office to pick up prescriptions. For your convenience TylerRx Pharmacy offers local home or office delivery within a limited area for all your prescription needs at no extra charge to you.


Hard to Find Medications

Do you have a medical condition that requires special medications? Do you take hard to find medications? We will keep those specialty medications in stock for you that other pharmacies will need to order. If we are out of stock on what you need we can order and have the medication the next day. We will fill your prescription in a fast and accurate manner while you wait.

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Vaccinations & Immunizations

TylerRx now offers immunizations and vaccinations! Flu, Pneumonia, TDAP, Shingles & others. You can get your shots while you wait for your prescriptions to be filled.


Flu Shots

We provide flu shots with very little waiting time. We will work with schools and business and travel to your location to give employees flu shots while they are at work.